Past Course: Decolonize Leadership Training

Earth Guardians · July 2, 2020

This training addressed the intersectionality between systematic racism and the environmental crisis we are facing now. Dismantling systems of oppression are essential for change and for effective leadership. In order to unlearn the conditions of our society, we have to connect, create, and heal together. This training provided a space to process grief, grow our capacity to feel and understand our stories and create a new vision for what’s to come.

Training Outcomes:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of racism and other systems of oppression on internal and external levels
  • How to build a trusting community
  • Individual and collective resources for healing trauma
  • Tools of self-care for activism -Grassroots organizing techniques digitally and in-person
  • Build empowerment through knowing how to civically engage

Session 1 (10am- 12pm mst) : Opening Ritual and Introductions
Session 2 (1-3pm mst) : Navigating systems of oppression and Interpersonal Relationships
Session 3 (5-7pm mst) : Sharing Circle : Identifying Root Beliefs

Session 1 (10-12pm mst) : Skills of Community Organizing
Session 2 (1-3pm mst): How to Build a Campaign or get involved with current EG projects
Session 3 (5-7pm mst) : Project Proposals: Putting your Passion into Action

Session 1 (10-12:30pm): Grief Council
Session 2 (2:30-5pm) : Sharing Projects: Accountability and Next steps
Session 3 (6-7:30pm) : Closing Circle

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 9 Topics