EG Tamaulipas helps local kids become Climate Leaders!

EG Tamaulipas helps local kids become Climate Leaders!

Written by Karla Sugey, Earth Guardians Tamaulipas Crew Leaders


On March 17th, Earth Guardians Tamaulipas hosted the activity of Reforestation in the “María Teresita Treviño García Manso” Children’s Garden with students from ages 3 to 5 years! Together with the help of the parents, we taught the children about why its crucial to actively care and protect our Environment.



It is incredibly important to teach kids to be environmentally aware, because when children are taught, starting at a young age, to consider the environment, its helps to establish an awareness in the future. Thus, children will gradually understand that the well-being of the world depends on everyone taking actions to conserve our resources and that it is indeed our responsibility. The period of age between three and six years is the stage where the formation of habits begins. Therefore, if given the necessary opportunities, they will be able to acquire positive environmental habits because they are taught to do so. Altogether, about 10 ornamental plants and 15 trees, including Mango, Salvia, and Arbustos, were planted with the children!

In another group I spoke to the students about the importance of taking care of our environment and small actions that they can do in their daily lives.


The children were delighted with this theme and pledged to care for the environment now and in the future! At the end I gave the children the certificates of EG Tamaulipas and the practitioners gave them the one signed by Xiuhtezcatl.

Thanks to the teachers, the practitioners and mainly to the parents for making these actions which benefit our environment and benefit the future of the children possible!

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