Earth Guardians In Solidarity with NDN Collective $10 Million COVID-19 Response Project

Today, Earth Guardians across the world stand in solidarity and support of the NDN COVID-19 Response Project. The indigenous-led organization NDN Collective recently announced they are raising funds to create a $10 million fund. This fund will provide grants, communication, and strategic support to Tribal Nations, front line Indigenous-led organizations, and individuals who are providing essential services to Indigenous communities in North America during the global health pandemic. 

As an Indigenous person, it is important, for me, that we all support our brothers and sisters on Tribal lands. I recognize we are all living on Native Land and as a stewardess of Mother Earth, an Earth Guardian, I know there is nothing greater than supporting each other in this time of need, and remembering what it is that matters most to us: our human right to good health, to family, tradition, food, and clean water.

We are Earth Guardians, and we preserve and protect what is sacred. As the global pandemic is showing us where we are sick, we see that what is sacred and pristine is not just Mother Earth or Father Sky, it is also our community, our elders, our children, and the overall spiritual and physical health of our relations. 

Tribal Communities are facing greater risk and impact during the pandemic due to health, economic and social injustices. At this time, we are taking care of each other, we are creating response kits, and mutual aid because the federal government will not take care of our communities as we do.

Public health crises hit Native Americans harder because settler-colonialism has historically and systematically exploited and let down our communities. The tragic history of the US breaking treaties to pursue fossil fuel projects, including pipelines, dams, and coal and uranium mining, has taken away our sacred connection to land, healthy organic foods, and clean water.

When I was a young girl my family passed down to me the value of family sticking close to each other, and sometimes family is not something you are born with but is made up of people who love and care for you. I was told that my elders are precious, they are to be protected and respected. Our elders pass down our traditional ways, how to conduct ourselves, and show us the ceremonies needed to keep the universe in good order. They have been faced with many hurdles, and yet they still pray for us to be healthy and well. The NDN’s COVID-19 Response Project will support Indigenous peoples, and will directly help our elders get the resources and support needed to survive.

NDN’s Response Project is prepared and created to better serve our communities than the federal stimulus package can. Frontline groups and understaffed Tribes will still need the necessary funds to address their community’s needs, and that is why Earth Guardians’ is partnering with the NDN Collective to help them raise funds to meet their 10 Million dollar goal.

As an Earth Guardian, I know the urgency in protecting Pachamama, mother earth, and I know that our elders are the ones that can guide us to be better for our own grandchildren one day. We need them with us, and we need to act more selflessly, support each other more, become more patient with ourselves and others, and learn to walk more gently on Mother Earth.

Please consider making a generous contribution to the NDN Collective COVID-19 fund.

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