Earth Guardians Bhutan Launches!

Members of Earth Guardians Bhutan gave a presentation to an audience of over 400 eleventh and twelfth graders at the Ugyen Academy Higher Secondary School | Wednesday, April 29 2015



The audiences were the grade 11 and 12 students of Ugyen Academy Higher Secondary School, which is one of the best schools in the nation and famed for its academic excellence its students achieve. The program was attended by some members of the teaching faculty and the students which totaled more than 400 people. 

There were six members presenting on different topics and each member took, in average, 20 minutes to present the topic he/she was handling. The response from the audience was optimistic and positive. The students were willing to inculcate the need for an advocacy for taking better care of the earth and supporting us in our campaign. More so, we made the introduction of the Earth Guardians Bhutan that we have recently formed. we also did our official announcement of earth guardians Bhutan fb page. The audience was thrilled by the idea of Earth Guardians Bhutan. We also introduced the main Earth Guardians page. The youths, in particular, were very enthusiastic about knowing the facts about climate change and the actions the youths can do in order to avert the adverse consequences of climate change and other related topics on which the talks were given.

In general, the campaign today was a success with audience asking genuine questions on the content of our presentation. The response from the audience was indicative of the enthusiasm the youths have in being the custodians of the Earth. This campaign has given a green signal for us all in the Earth Guardian Bhutan to move forward with our endeavors. It is a sign that changes can be ushered in to ensure a safe and guarded earth. Furthermore, we made them to take pledge to safeguard and protect earth, air, water and atmosphere. Above all, we got the standing ovation when we finished the presentation.

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