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Earth Guardians Africa Hosts “Go Green for a Sustainable Future

Earth Guardians Africa held its first academy last month in Bunso, Ghana at the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. 114 students attended from eight institutions and other youth who have not previously attended school were also invited to join the academy. The academy’s aim is to awaken in children the love for the planet and to educate them on the impacts of global greenhouse gas emissions.


The theme was “Go Green for a Sustainable Future” and included presentations and workshops on climate change, the importance of trees in our ecosystem, and a showing of the film “The Man Who Planted Trees” with song and discussion following the viewing.


The academy took place on May 28, which also happens to be Arbor Day in Ghana. Before the workshops and presentations, more than 150 students and teachers gathered to plant trees that contributed to the reforestation of the land. Those who attended the workshop on the importance of trees were also given their own seedlings to take home and plant. Earth Guardian organizers felt that the event was a great success!

Congrats to EG Africa on the great event! Earth Guardians has more than 100 crews on six continents. For more information on what are crews are up to, please visit our crews webpage.

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