Earth Guardians Bhutan Crew

At the beginning of June, Tashi Dorji, the Regional Crew Director for Bhutan was invited as a guest speaker at Changriphel Lower Secondary School in Thimphu. He talked about why we must respect the trees and how students can help in saving trees in Bhutan. 400 students listened, and afterwards, they planted over 70 trees on the school campus! Best of all, the Bhutan Crew has plans to start a new Earth Guardians Crew within the school.  

 Here is an excerpt from Tashi’s speech:

“Let me share you the story of Lord Buddha and the importance of trees in Buddhism. Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Lord Buddha by holding the branch of Tathagata or Asoka tree in Lumbini Garden. Buddha, after many years of hardship and meditation, got enlightened sitting under pipal or bodhi tree. Buddha passed away in 483 BC at the age of 80 under two Sala trees. It is these incidences in the life of Buddha that shows how important the trees are! Buddha said, “The forest is a unique organism and a source of great good to us. It makes no demands for its sustenance, and extends protection to all sentient beings, giving shade even to the axeman who destroys it.” Therefore, we must treat the trees with utmost respect”.


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