Crew Spotlight: Earth Guardians Garden Grove, CA


Upon the conclusion of Earth Day this year, Santiago High School’s Student Sustainability Council, which is also Earth Guardians Garden Grove Crew, joined a movement of youths all over the country, participating in a global project called Parachutes for the Planet. This project invites youth to come together and use the powerful medium of art to express their concern for protecting our natural environment. Students also showcase what actions are being done in their own lives and at their schools to model good stewardship of the Earth. Through the generous donation of High Energy Sports in Anaheim, California, students received an actual parachute, and over the remainder of the 2018 school year students collaborated together to design, sketch and ultimately paint their vision onto the parachute. 

The theme showcases a journey through the emblematic natural landscapes of the United States from the frozen tundra of the Arctic, to the sunny coast of California, followed by their stately mountains, parched deserts, iconic grasslands and ultimately the fall colors of New England’s temperate deciduous forests.

Parachutes for the Planet is collecting parachutes to display in a number of exhibitions to raise awareness as to the urgency of protecting our environment as well as to showcase messages of strength, hope and determinism of our youth. EG Garden Grove Crew’s parachute will be exhibited at the Zero Hour Youth Climate March on the National Mall in Washington D.C. July 19th-21st, then return home to be displayed across the country, city by city, as it travels through sixteen states with On the Road for Climate Action. The parachute will then be returned to D.C. to be exhibited as part of the Mother Earth Project’s Parachutes for the Planet World Inaugural Exhibition in Georgetown National Waterfront Park, on October 13th-14th. Other exhibitions can be found at Mother Earth Project Schedule of Events 2018. Santiago High School’s SSC/Earth Guardian Crew is proud to create a platform for the voices of our youth, working together to create positive change that respects and cares for our shared Earth.

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